The Food

It’s Fresh! It’s Delicious! It’s Healthy! Always!

We Guarantee It!

Our team is dedicated to the fine art of making fresh, incredibly delicious food using the best ingredients possible. We make it fresh and deliver it to your office by 11:30 each day.

We are committed to making the healthiest food we can by:

  • Using local produce and organic as much as possible.
  • We include superfoods like raw chocolate, berries, flax and chia wherever we can. Superfoods=superhealth!
  • To ensure the highest nutrition we use only olive oil in our dressings and coconut and grapeseed oil for cooking.
  • We add herbs and spices to take advantage of their awesome nutritional benefits – they taste great too!
  • Our sweeteners include dates, honey and maple syrup.
  • No sulphites or preservatives will ever touch our salads – there’s no need! We make them fresh every day!

All of our food is vegetarian. Most of our items are dairy, soy and gluten free. Cheese comes in a separate container so you have the choice to use it or not.

We use nuts and seeds in many of our recipes. They are a great source of protein and healthy fat.

If you have any questions or concerns just send us an email.

Nutrition and flavour are our top priorities! If one of these two things is missing we won’t serve it to you.

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