About Us

Introducing Fresh Now!

An exciting new way to enjoy delicious healthy food at your office!

We believe food is the foundation of good health. Anything you eat should not only be good for you but it should taste great!  Our goal is to change the way Canadians eat by making readily accessible fresh, healthy, delicious food.


We feature:

  • Amazing salads bursting with flavour and nutrients to fuel your body
  • Breakfast items full of great ingredients to start your day off right
  • Delicious soups packed with nutrients
  • Decadent desserts and snacks – that are healthy too!

Fresh is best!

We cook great food EVERY SINGLE MORNING. Our team starts before the crack of dawn every day so we can deliver fresh food to you every morning!

Fuel for you.

We are passionate about eating healthy food for a healthy body. Fresh vegetables, healthy proteins, fats that are good for you and superfoods are the foundation of everything we make. We will never compromise on flavour or nutritional value. We guarantee it!

That’s it really. We love food. Good food.  Try us!

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